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Asset Integrity Group’s Asset Integrity & Performance Management products and services are fully aligned with relevant international standards such as ISO: 55000, 14224 etc.


This ensures that by working with Asset Integrity Group you will be able to demonstrate asset compliance to such standards and assurance that it will perform in line with business objectives.

Pillar 1 - Risk Management


  1. Safety Case Regulations (Author/Review)
  2. Verification Scheme (WSE)
  3. Asset & Integrity Management Framework

Pillar 2 - Asset Performance


  1. Asset Register
  2. Asset Register Hierarchy (Identification / Build)
  3. Engineering Documentation (Retrieval / Build)
  4. Maintenance Build
  5. CMMS Design (Review)
  6. KPI Compliance Checks - HSE KP3 Foundation
  7. Maintenance Optimisation & Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM plus)
  8. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  9. Brown Field Audit - Health Check Evaluation & Compliance Assurance

Pillar 3 - Asset Condition Management


  1. Asset Life Extension - HSE KP4 and API 579

Pillar 4 - Leadership for Asset Management


  1. Management of Change (MoC)
  2. Operational Support (Coaching & Mentoring)
  3. Key Performance Indicators (Develop & Implement)
  4. Competency

Pillar 5 - Financial Performance


  1. Maintenance Budgeting
  2. Critical Spares Review
  3. System by System Financial Review (Using RCM)
  4. CAPEX & OPEX Budgeting Analysis
  5. Shutdown & TAR Budgeting
  6. Critical Spares Cost Budgeting



Asset Integrity Group offer specialist Risk Management services and have teams of Technical Authorities dedicated to help organizations to identify all known risk and implement policies, strategies, philosophies, reference documentation and procedures (Asset Management System) to mitigate and manage.


By addressing financial and operational risk together, we can guarantee that an organization will achieve the desire balance between risk, cost and performance in line with business objectives to ensure that they are consistently achieved.



1 - SAFETY CASE REGULATIONS (author/review)


At Asset Integrity Group, our Technical Authorities can build or author new Safety Cases, as well as review and improve on existing Safety Cases in line with an assets current operating conditions. Carried out in line with latest OSCR 2015 requirements, Asset Integrity Group will ensure that an asset is fully compliant with HSE requirements and ensure that it is set up for safe and efficient operations.


  • Major Accident Hazard (MAH) analysis
  • Major Accident Hazard (MAH) identification
  • SECE Equipment identification
  • Performance standards & Verification Activities (Review/development)





At Asset Integrity Group, our Technical Authorities can build or author new Verification Schemes, as well as review and improve on existing Schemes to ensure that it is fully compliant and in line with the requirements set out in the asset Safety Case. It is a legal requirement that all SECE’s are independently verified and it is imperative that they are fully conversant with the Safety Case sections above. Due to Asset Integrity Group’s in-house ICP/IVB Accreditation, we are also able to approve the verification scheme and avoid another third party and the common issues related to interparty management.





The AIM Framework is comprised of all plans, philosophies, manuals or documentation required to implement a robust framework in which an asset must adopt to operate safely.


At Asset Integrity Group, we can build an AIM Framework or review existing framework to ensure that operations are being carried out to be most safe and efficient. All frameworks are built in line with latest regulations and can ensure full compliance. Further to this, we can also carry out Operational Reviews to audit whether existing frameworks are efficient and embedded into the company as intended.


  • Maintenance Reference Plan
  • Maintenance Philosophy
  • Policy Documentation (Review)
  • Spares Philosophy
  • QA/QC Framework
  • CMMS Blueprint Manual



Asset Integrity Group follow a staged approach to our Asset Performance services, whereby we measure the “BASELINE” requirement of an organizations Asset and Integrity Management Framework and provide solutions for improvements i.e. all required systems, drawings and documentation. All of which is built in line with ISO: 14224


When the baseline has been established and improved to a suitable standard, Asset Integrity Group then go onto the “OPERATIONAL PHASE”, whereby RELIABILITY, AVAILABILITY and MAINTENANCE must be properly built, implemented and optimized on an ongoing basis in order to achieve business objectives.


ASSET INTEGRITY GROUP products and services pertaining to “BASELINE”:





A - Sample Analysis (100%)

To ascertain the completeness of the asset register, Asset Integrity Group offer an up-front 100% sample analysis in which a review is carried out looking for gaps in the asset register.


B - Desktop Asset Verification (DAV)

This involves an electronic “desktop” verification of asset register against documentation (P&ID’s, Cause and Effects, EX Register, E&ID’s etc.), giving a clear indication of where the gaps are with regards to missing documentation that is required for effective building of the asset register hierarchy.


An appropriate predecessor to the Physical Verification by allowing work packs to be created for the process to run more efficiently.


C - Physical Asset Verification (PAV)

PAV involves a physical visit to the asset to s verify that equipment on site matches that of the hierarchy within the asset register. During this process, equipment manufacture, model and serial numbers are also taken to be populated in the asset register.


In addition, drawings are red-line marked up and can be converted easily to “as built” drawing status to ensure latest and up to date drawings.



2 - ASSET REGISTER HIERARCHY (Identification / Build)


At Asset Integrity Group, we have worked with some of the largest operators in the world to develop Asset Register Hierarchies and are fully conversant with the latest standards such as ISO 14224.


Further to this, we are able to provide detailed information around the operating requirements of all equipment to ensure that a company has all the information at hand, such as:


  • Identification of Equipment Requiring Maintenance
  • Identification of Equipment Bill of Materials (BoM’s)
  • Data Enrichment





A - Bill of Materials (BoM’s)

At Asset Integrity Group, we have developed an extensive software library catalogue of BoM’s, in which we can auto-match the BoM’s to respective equipment. In order to successfully carry this out, this requires manufactures model & serial numbers that enables the BoM’s to be read across to the equipment from our catalogue.


Benefits of using Asset Integrity Group for BoM’s development:


  • Comprehensive library gathered throughout the years resulting in saved time retrieving from vendors
  • Previous steps (PAV) ensures correct manufactures details, thus, BoM’s are accurate


B - Manufactures Manuals & Data Sheets (OEM’s)

At Asset Integrity Group we can gather OEM Manuals in line with asset register requirements to ensure that a catalogue of relevant equipment information is available to assist with operation & maintenance. Asset Integrity Group currently have a catalogue of OEM Manuals that have been accumulated through working with various operators/manufacturers or can go out to source these manually.


C - EX Register

In Asset Integrity Group experience with working with many clients throughout the years, a persistent problem keeps presenting itself around the disconnect between the EX Register and the Maintenance Management System (CMMS), in that the EX Register is commonly managed as a separate entity i.e. not stored or reported in the CMMS system. Primarily, the disconnect results in EX maintenance not being properly recorded, reported and required corrective action not being followed through.


To overcome these problems, Asset Integrity Group have tailored an approach whereby the EX Register is built (properly) and integrated to the CMMS system, thus, taking away the need for a service provider to dictate which maintenance must be carried out.


Also, ensuring that all maintenance carried out is being properly recorded, reported and corrective works are managed in a much more efficient way which is in line with the rest of the asset maintenance.


EX services provided by Asset Integrity Group:


  • EX register build/verification
  • EX maintenance build/strategy
  • Integration with CMMS
  • Support company to embed into new operations
  • Supply of experience Rope Access EX Technicians to execute the works.


Benefits of using Asset Integrity Group EX services:


  • Up to date EX Register
  • Correct hierarchy granularity
  • Correct maintenance routines in place
  • Platform to record maintenance activities and process corrective actions
  • Automation of work orders in line with previous maintenance carried out (risk based)
  • Framework implemented to effectively perform Management of Change (MoC)
  • Keeps control of EX equipment within company and negates requirement for external service providers to do the work.


d - As-Built Drawings


Asset Integrity Group offer an “in-house” as-built drawing service, ranging from drawing updates to complete creation of new drawings.


Asset Integrity Group “as-built drawing” services include:


  • Engineered drawing mark-ups
  • Complete Auto CAD DWG files
  • Drawing updates/new drawings (CAD)
  • PDF to DWG file conversions


Benefits of using Asset Integrity Group services:


  • Full engineered solution from start (drawing mark-ups) to finish (comprehensive CAD DWG files)
  • Correct “as-is” on site drawings



ASSET INTEGRITY GROUP products and services pertaining to “OPERATIONAL PHASE”:





  • Equipment Classification Object Types
  • Equipment Criticality
  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Asset Integrity Group PM Library Failure Modes
  • Maintenance Application (RBI, RCM, PM, RTF etc.)
  • PM Frequencies
  • Critical Spares
  • Maintenance Task BoM’s



5 - CMMS Design (Review)


  • Process Flow Safeguards





As a starting point, key areas of monitoring include but are not limited to Maintenance of SCEs, Backlog, Deferrals, Measuring Compliance with Performance Standards, and Corrective Maintenance.


Asset Integrity Group will check the impact that KPI’s is having in determining the success of the asset and whether the KPI’s are still fit for purpose and in line with current business objectives.



7 - Maintenance Optimisation & Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM Plus)


Asset Integrity Group have built our RCM program based on IEC 60300-3-11:2009, Moubray’s RCM II and Asset Integrity Group’s TRUE Asset Integrity Framework, overall utilising guidelines for the development of failure management policies for equipment and structures using reliability centred maintenance (RCM) analysis techniques.





You can’t possibly move forward into the future with full statistical confidence in every facet of your asset without having a complete understanding of historical failure incident root causes, including the physics of the failure mechanisms, and a proven implementation of a resolution that prevents reoccurrence. Asset Integrity Group fully utilise the TapRoot, Apollo Root Cause and Six Sigma DMAIC philosophy via the FRACAS and Asset Integrity Group TRUE Asset Integrity Framework.



9 - BROWN FIELD AUDIT - Health Check Evaluation & Compliance Assurance


Asset Integrity Group will provide a clear picture of your asset and operational vulnerabilities, identifying current performance, define gap across plant, technical integrity, process, safety and people. Key focus areas:


AIM CULTURAL POLICY - Properly Designed, Implemented & Understood, covering:

  • Maintenance & Reliability
  • Spares Management
  • Integrity Culture - Driving compliance
  • Training Development to fully facilitate and support your MoC program



Asset and Integrity Management is a continuous feedback loop, feeding into a proactive process applied continuously throughout the life-cycle of an asset. Key to this is measuring and correcting the physical and structural integrity of the asset and its equipment to ensure longevity of life.


Asset Integrity Group products and services pertaining to “Continual Improvement”:





Fitness for Service Foundation Management of life extension requires the advanced, and continuing, assessment of SCEs to ensure they are fit for purpose, and safe to use when required to operate longer than their anticipated service, with particular consideration for primary structures, Key Focus areas:


  • Fabric Maintenance
  • Safety management systems
  • Structural integrity
  • Process integrity
  • Fire and explosion
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Electrical, control and instrumentation
  • Marine integrity
  • Pipelines - Process Containment & Hydrocarbon Leak Reduction
  • Strategic Corrosion Management
  • Human factors



Leadership and work culture are detrimental to the realization of value. Leadership and commitment at all managerial levels is essential to successfully establish, operate and improve asset and integrity management.


In addition, ensuring that change management is properly integrated into organizational structure is key for any changes to be effective. Work culture is often deemed the most critical aspect of Management of Change and ensuring company-wide buy in is imperative for it to be a success.


Asset Integrity Group have developed a tailor-made suite of products and services to ensure successful AIM embedment within a company and furthermore, the support and training mechanisms are in place to give maximum chance of the changes being successfully implemented and measured going forward.


Asset Integrity Group products and services pertaining to “LEADERSHIP”:





At Asset Integrity Group, we have expertise in facilitation Management of Change from executive level to workface engagement. Our in-house consultants are highly experienced and have worked with some of the largest operators in the world to implement many change initiatives.


This service offering forms part of our Gold Service Package and is Asset Integrity Group's way of ensuring that the project undertaken has the greatest chance of success at minimal risk for the customer.



2 - OPERATIONAL SUPPORT (Coaching & Mentoring)


Asset Integrity Group offer a dedicated Asset Integrity Management Consultant to provide external support services to our customers. This is an all-encompassing support offering whereby our consultants support the customer by means of coaching & mentoring, which typically ties in with the Management of Change process. Scaled up and down to meet client requirements, this can be seen as a cost beneficial alternative to ensure asset integrity management is being applied correctly.


This service offering forms part of our PLATINUM SERVICE PACKAGE whereby a comprehensive breakdown of support services are detailed.



3 - KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (develop & implement)


At Asset Integrity Group, we can work with a company to develop a full suite of KPI’s in line with business objectives to help an organization measure success of performance.


We also provide training to ensure that KPI’s are being monitored and reported properly to help achieve desired benefits.





  • Competency Requirement Identification
  • Development Plan Implementation
  • Defined roles & responsibilities
  • Asset and Integrity Management Coaching consultation services



Asset Integrity Group can provide detailed financial reports on operating and maintenance requirements and identify where there may be cost savings. We can also help with budgeting requirements following on from our performance optimisation, to ensure that money is spent in the critical areas whilst at the same time identifying the areas where money is being wasted.



1 - Maintenance Budgeting


Identifying maintenance budgets and cost savings.



2 - Critical Spares Review


Ensuring that correct critical spares are available at all times and are reflective of the operational requirements, whilst identifying unnecessary spares.



3 - System by System Financial Review (using RCM)


Asset Integrity Group can identify any system/ equipment to ascertain whether any cost savings can be applied. In addition, we can provide a detailed report of forecast costs that may be required for future improvement/ upgrades, allowing organizations to budget properly.



4 - CAPEX & OPEX Budgeting Analysis


Asset Integrity Group can carry out an analysis on CAPEX & OPEX expenditure in line with asset management framework and operational costs, providing recommendations for budget improvements and ultimately cost reduction.



5 - Shutdown & TAR Budgeting


By carrying out a review of upcoming maintenance hours and review of overdue maintenance, Asset Integrity Group can assist with managing shutdown budgets, including financial and work scope planning for execution. Further, Asset Integrity Group can review all maintenance due for execution and optimise to ensure no unnecessary maintenance is being carried out.



6 - Critical Spares Cost budgeting


Asset Integrity Group can carry out a spares assignment analysis and optimisation, to ensure more efficient control of spares and ultimately operational cost reduction.


Company Number: SC532960

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